JULIAN HYZLER - Artist and Instructor

Julian has been teaching students of all ages and abilities for over 25 years. He initially trained at art schools in Kingston and Norwich in England before specialising in Illustration in London, working for many terrific clients during time as a freelancer; Penguin, British Airways, Channel 4, Harper Collins, Chatto and Windus, and got his first real taste of Italy on the back of winning a travel scholarship to Venice. Since then he has led many week-long trips to Italy, developing over the years an understanding of the Cities and the History of Art in Florence, Rome, Siena, Naples and Venice.

The atmosphere generated in the studio is always relaxed and friendly, whilst also being productive and lively, and you can expect positive encouragement to try new ideas as and when you feel confident to do so. Teaching art requires energy, patience and an ability to get as much out of each student as possible, and Julian has always strived to do this, whether teaching life-drawing, photography, design, illustration, or painting and drawing. 

See what he's been up to in his personal artwork. VIEW HIS CURRENT PAINTINGS HERE

JANINE BRATT - Resident Chef

Janine is in charge of all things food-related and has been our resident chef for two years. She was professionally trained in Canada and brings with her a wealth of experience. She chose to come to Italy to deepen her understanding of Italian food and cooking straight from the source. She is innovative, creative and an amazingly hard worker, both in the vegetable patch and in the kitchen - helping to bring the land to your table in an authentic way.

HOLLY - Guest Coordinator

Holly arrived in April 2016 and is in charge of guest relations during the retreat. She prepares guests’ rooms, as well as the continued upkeep of the guests’ areas during the retreats. Guests may see her setting up the lovely tables for meals together, and tending the garden. She is a recent Fine Art graduate, specialising in sculpture and installation work and has been a fantastic and reliable worker since day one.


PUPPY, THEO, & LADY FLUFFINGTON - Our Animal Companions

Puppy (the cat) was a rescue and is our designated guard-cat. He's quite fond of guests and loves to snuggle and head-butt whenever possible.

Theo(dore) is our most recently adopted family member. Rescued from a kennel in Arezzo, he's immediately adjusted to life in the countryside. He is a very loving member of the family here and you're sure to meet him during mealtime and running around the property.

Lady Fluffington is our quite distinguished grey cat and normally stays to herself, although you're bound to see her posing around the property in quite picturesque ways. Feel free to take her photo!


AMANDA NIGHTINGALE - Administrator and Co-Founder

Amanda works from England and is in charge of all the administration of the business. She was one of the original founders and is an integral part of its continuing success. Many guests have remarked that her professionalism and personal service is the reason they chose to come to ARTIST IN ITALY. She deals with online enquires, travel details, and guest payments as well as answering any questions guests may have before arriving. 


Erin is the founder of EAT.PRAY.MOVE Yoga Retreats and has been leading yoga holidays at our location in Italy since 2011. In 2014 she and Julian began a closer collaboration with the EASEL&LENS art and yoga retreats at various locations around the world including Venice, Goa, Iceland, Morocco, France, and other locations around the globe. Erin has studied various yoga practices since 1998, and as she experienced her personal practice deepen and passion for the entire discipline grow stronger, she was led to pursue to her certification as a yoga instructor and daily renewal of the ongoing practice. Now she shares her love of yoga and travel with her guests in unique programs and providing a way to mindfully enjoy a new culture and experience.